Sharanam Centre for Rural Development features on the cover of Indian Architect & Builder, May 2017, with an extensive article, photographs and drawings.
Sharanam Centre for Rural Development opened by SARVAM's annual children's camp.
The Architects Journal, February 2016, devotes an 8-page building study to the Sharanam Centre for Rural Development. Editor Hattie Hartmann describes the project as "an exemplar sustainable development and a force for social change in the area."
Recently completed Office Building at Sharanam finished with earth plastered walls, hand-trowelled and polished concrete floor, windows and doors in reclaimed Burma teak, smooth concrete soffit cast insitu onto mud formwork.
XXI Architecture and Design Magazine, February 2017, features Sharanam Centre for Rural Development on the cover.
Split level ponds under the vault opening forms the axis for the Phase 2 dormitories and conference facilities presently under construction.
Institute of Management at Usteri Lake: Meditation landscape under the ancient banyan tree.
Academy House and fishermens' village, Beach Road, Pondicherry on the Bay of Bengal.
Renowned British composer Nigel Osborne rehearsing the opera Nachiketan on the Sharanam construction site, November 2013.
Sunset shadows on the exposed earth block facade.
Local Workers + Local Resources: village workers employed and trained to manufacture over 200,000 high-quality compressed earth blocks using the red soil of the site.
Rainwater Harvesting: hand excavation for the new 80,000 litre underground sump for harvesting rooftop rainwater.
A large open well runs dry and is preserved as a memory in the landscape........
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